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Ryan Hwang, Front Street Intern

Ryan is a graduate student at the University of Florida where he is studying a Master Science in Real Estate at the Hough Graduate School of Business. Prior to the University of Florida, he received his undergraduate in Economics at Kyunghee University in South Korea. 

Ryan was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, and after graduation, spent about 4 years working for commercial real estate companies in his hometown. Last year, he was approved as a certified property manager (CPM) through his work experiences so he could attend his first IREM conference at Chicago in October of  2017.

In last few years, he has worked as property administrator, managing a 404,000 square foot mixed-use building. In practice, he assisted and carried out tenant administration, leasing, and real estate accounting at the site.

Prior to his position as a property administrator, Ryan worked as a real estate marketing proposal specialist, including experience as a site administrative assistant for several months. He was responsible for over 10 third-party management proposals and budget estimations for various clients. He was also involved in analyzing financial valuation for 10 hotel acquisition projects, evaluating $20,000,000 for each project.

With such multinational experiences such as an internship in Spain, volunteering in Vietnam, and working holiday period in Australia, his cultural understanding keeps him open-minded to different situations, but also ready to be integrated into a new environment. Upon graduation, his goal is to relocate to a metropolitan city like Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, or Miami to seek financial job opportunities such as valuation, development, and appraisal.

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