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Nathaniel Miller, Front Street Intern

Nate is currently a junior at the University of Florida pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration. Nate hopes to pursue a combined degree and plans on applying to the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate at UF in the Fall of 2018. While attending the University of Florida, Nate has invested himself both inside and outside of the classroom. He is an active member in numerous student organizations, including the Florida Cicerones and U Matter Ambassadors, for which he serves in executive board positions. Nate’s goal is to enhance the student experience at the University of Florida by organizing programs for student members of the UF Alumni Association through the Florida Cicerones and cultivating a caring culture on campus with the U Matter Ambassadors. Additionally, Nate has held positions at Dick’s Sporting Goods in their Orange Park and Gainesville locations, where he worked as a team leader in customer service.

Nate was born and raised in Ripley, West Virginia with his one sibling, Lexi. In his free time, Nate enjoys traveling, adventuring outdoors, and spending time with friends and family. Nate has no specific agenda for what he wishes to do within real estate after graduation in 2020, and hopes to learn about every avenue available during his time in the Master’s program and interning with Front Street.

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