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Nicole Marti, Front Street Intern

Nicole is a sophomore attending the University of Florida’s Innovation Academy. She is pursuing a major in Business Administration and a minor in Innovation. This past semester, Nicole was able to participate in the Innovation Academy Catalyst competition where her and her team won the Gator Good Award for their product. She became a part of Front Street’s intern team as of Fall 2017.

Before joining the team, Nicole spent most of her time hitting the books for her class. Whenever she had free time, she loved doing what most college students don’t: sleep. Occasionally, she likes to go around Gainesville and try different restaurants to satisfy her inner food lover. Her top picks for Gainesville food so far come from The Coop, Burrito Famous, and Reggae Shack.

Whenever Nicole has a break from school, she likes to travel down to South Florida and visit her family. She loves coming home to see her mom, dad, sisters, and Snowy, her beloved dog. One of her favorite activities to do at home is to run to her local Publix, rent a movie on Redbox, and have a movie night with her family. Her favorite family memory was when they all went to New York for Thanksgiving and got to hang out with the rest of the family. As you can see, Nicole is a very family-oriented person.

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