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Calvin Tan, Front Street Intern

Calvin is currently a junior pursuing a degree in Construction Management along with a double minor in Business Administration and Real Estate. He has always had a large fascination and passion for commercial real estate and hopes to pursue this passion through an education in the Master of Science in Real Estate program at the University of Florida. While attending the University of Florida, Calvin was involved in many organizations, such as Real Estate Society, Undergraduate Consulting Club and volunteering at the Alachua County Boys and Girls Club, where he was a mentor for the kids of Gainesville. Additionally, Calvin has held positions at TecnoSport in New York and Vale Food Co. in Gainesville, where he worked on building customer relations and diversifying business strategy through the field of Marketing.

Calvin was born and raised in New York, where he first gained his interest in the commercial real estate field. Being half Asian and half Hispanic, Calvin has always loved indulging himself in multiple cultures and thinks of his cultures as an added diversity, as he has traveled to many countries and speaks Spanish fluently. Upon graduation, Calvin hopes to pursue a career in real estate development and hopes to live in the California or Florida area.

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