Building Communities Through Leadership and INVESTED

In our day-to-day “job,” it’s sometimes easy to forget what life is really all about: having a positive impact on those around you. We consider ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to do so through the “work” we do each and every day. At Front Street, we work together as a team to have impact on our industry, but we also aim to have impact in the communities we serve, as well. Our team approach and client-centric structure allows us to do commercial real estate differently, but our real purpose is to impact our community. We are INVESTED in our community, clients and industry. We maximize our impact in the communities we serve through action and leadership. Our team volunteers time, resources, and commission revenue to local, cause-related organizations. Our values aren’t just something we post on our website; they’re something we live true to. Are you looking to join us on this journey? We are a boutique, commercial-only firm looking for experienced agents just like you to join our commercial teams in Tallahassee, Ocala, and Jacksonville. Click here to learn more, and start by making an impact today! 

Front Street Broker Testimonials

Rick Cain

"Before joining Front Street, I had the opportunity to work for a couple of other local real estate companies. Both of these firms had a foundation that was based in residential real estate with a small commercial division. They operated under the traditional brokerage model where individual agents primarily worked in silos, and there wasn’t much team work or sharing of information. One of the things that most appealed to me about Front Street’s brokerage model was the true team approach. The brokers on our team work hand-in-hand with each other and also with our marketing staff to promote our listings and better serve our clientele.  Since we are a boutique, commercial-only, full service real estate firm, we focus on being experts in our field and representing our clients in a professional manner. 

I was also drawn to the fact that the Front Street team is very invested in our community. This is evident in the many local charities that we support both financially and also with our time. This commitment to our community has not only resulted in a significant positive impact to the recipients in need, but also to us as individuals and collectively as a company. We take a forward-thinking approach that is adaptable to the ever changing landscape of commercial real estate. Our cutting-edge marketing collateral is unparalleled, and we are committed to consistently communicating with our clients. Our goal is to do commercial real estate differently, and we have developed a proven model that is effective, unique, and makes Front Street a great place to work." - Rick Cain, CCIM, Director

Jason Hurst

"From the outside looking in, I was always attracted to the cutting-edge marketing and brand presence that Front Street exhibits to the market. It was, and have always been, very unique, different, and a cut above what others in business – not the just the real estate world – are used to. Moreover, I always admired how Front Street was always ever-present in the community in so many facets.

Making the switch from residential real estate to commercial real estate was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. The commercial real estate client base that I have been fortunate enough to amass over the years is a much better fit with my passions, personality type, and expertise. Front Street also equipped me with the proper tools, expertise, and applicable experience necessary to achieve success almost immediately due to their team-approach to doing real estate differently.

I don’t know if I would have been able to gain as much traction as quickly as I did if it weren’t for Front Street’s team-approach to real estate. I was able to leverage the relationships and success of other, more seasoned brokers in my office with no questions asked. I was also able to ask key questions and be introduced to key client relationships right out of the gate which allowed me to get “real world” experience in deal-making, which was immensely invaluable. We also have an extremely unique and thoughtful approach to marketing which allowed me to stand out against the competition and truly set myself apart.

Joining the Front Street team has been, legitimately, one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life. Due to our inclusive and nurturing team culture, I enjoy coming to work and have truly developed a family away from home. I have also been introduced to some amazing people that have not only had great impact on my career, but on my overall quality of life. They have truly given me a platform to create positive change and to help make Gainesville one of the best places to live in Florida." - Jason Hurst, Associate Director

Gavin Johnson

"My time at Front Street has been bar none. I joined the company from an Orlando-based firm and with experience at a national brokerage. My move to Front Street was largely in part because of the company’s targeted approach in markets outside of Florida’s major cities; our office in Gainesville is a short drive from my hometown. Our ability to become experts in the markets we serve means that our customers receive the highest level of service, and it allows our brokerage team to develop long-term relationships. Support provided by our marketing team and staff remains unmatched by others in the industry and is a driving force behind our continued growth." - Gavin Johnson, Associate Director

About Front Street's INVESTED Program

We are INVESTED in our community, clients and industry. We maximize our impact in the communities we serve through action and leadership. Our team volunteers time, resources and commission revenue to local, cause-related organizations.

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