Thriving Tallahassee: Developments on the Horizon

Developments on the Horizon in Tallahassee

As discussed in Thriving Tallahassee: 46,000 New Jobs!, Tallahassee is experiencing a great amount of job growth, and this trend is expected to continue over the next 15 years. We also learned about quite a few new-to-market concepts in Thriving Tallahassee: New Businesses Galore. With all this growth, there’s a true need for thousands of additional jobs between 2020 and 2030 to accommodate this growth. Not only can we expect even more job growth and new concepts this year, but also in the years ahead. There are many projects and developments currently in the works that we will soon see come to fruition. Here are some of the projects expected on the horizon:

Welaunee Development Tallahassee

Welaunee Development

Welaunee Development, also known as the Canopy Development within Welaunee, is a community development project that will take close to 20 years to complete. The finished product will be seated on 505 acres of land and will feature a town center with office and retail space, 300 apartment units, a rehab center, assisted living center, a school, and 900 new homes. "The Welaunee development will provide a great boost for the local economy as new residences, office sites and retail sites are created. This project will also provide a new access to I-10" said Berardo Garcia, Associate Director of Tallahassee. This project will act as a huge expansion for Tallahassee and will provide even more opportunities for jobs, housing, and additional growth.


Highlands Tallahassee

Highlands Tallahassee

Highlands Tallahassee is a cottage-style student housing facility currently underway, with hopes to begin leasing in Fall of 2017. This project will be located on the corner of High Road and Green Tree Lane in Tallahassee and will consist of a 17-unit, 78-bed townhouse development. Highlands Tallahassee will also feature a fitness center, leasing office, and resort style pool. As the local colleges and universities continue to grow, the need for student housing will continue to rise and develop.


Hampton Inn Tallahassee

Railroad Avenue Hotel

A Hampton Inn & Suites is under construction at the intersection of Gaines and Railroad Avenue in Tallahassee with expected completion in 2018. This is a long-anticipated project that will consist of an 83,860 square foot hotel with 124 guest suites and 1,000 square feet of retail. This hotel will serve the increasing number visitors to Tallahassee and will provide exceptional hotel space within walking distance of the many restaurants and attractions Tallahassee offers.


Midtown Mixed-Use Development

Mixed Use Development Tallahassee

This mixed-use development project has yet to be named but will soon begin construction in the heart of Midtown in Tallahassee. It will feature two levels of retail, four levels of residential and office space, and below-ground parking. This development will serve as a great addition to the area and will open up a plethora of opportunities for businesses. It hopes to seamlessly combine urban experience and midtown living all into one site.


Park Place Tallahassee

Park Place

"It's good to see a lot of ground breaking and development plans in multiple parts of the city. Another project that I am really looking forward to seeing is the Tallahassee Outlet Center at Park Place. This is a three-phased mixed-use development on 300 acres at I-10 and Capital Circle NW. Once again, another opportunity for new-to-town concepts and retailer expansion in Tallahassee." said Flavia Kanyago, Associate Director of Tallahassee.


These are just a few of the proposed projects in Tallahassee in the coming months and years. As the population continues to increase, the need for jobs, expansion, and development becomes more apparent. We can only imagine the continued growth and additional concepts that we will continue to see over the years, and we look forward to experiencing Tallahassee continue to expand.

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