UF Attracted the Highest Number of Students Yet

February 10th marked a big day for the seniors at high schools across the board. Decision day, what many would call it, was upon them. Students who have received admission letters from multiple universities were anxiously awaiting UF’s response before they made their final decision on which mascot they will represent with pride.

This year, UF has reached a whopping number of 34,553 applications submitted by eager seniors hopeful to wear the orange and blue. This is an 8 percent increase from last year’s number of application submissions. UF President Fuchs response to the record breaking number was, “The growing interest in UF is a reflection of what an amazing place this is.”

However, UF continues to be selective of their students. Of those who applied, UF admitted 13,214 students making it a 38 percent acceptance rate compared to last year’s 42.5 percent. This year’s group of admitted freshman’s are intelligent, reflective upon their averaged GPA of 4.4, SAT score of 1349 and ACT score of 30. President Fuchs excitement projected through his words, “This group of students is absolutely among the most competitive ever.”

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Written by Front Street Intern Denise Fierro.