The Top 3 Companies in Customer Service: Who and How?

This year, survey provider Zogby and financial news company 24/7 Wall Street put together what they call “The Customer Service Hall of Fame.” Together, the companies polled over 1,500 adults concerning 151 American companies involved in 17 different industries. The goal was simple: find out who had the best customer service, and who had the worst. According to the article, “respondents were asked to evaluate customer service quality as 'excellent,' 'good,' 'fair,' or 'poor.' Of the 151 companies, 112 had at least 500 valid responses." Companies with less than 500 valid responses were not considered.

1. Amazon:
For the seventh year in a row, Amazon beat out the competition when it comes to customer service, placing first yet again. 61.2% of survey respondents gave Amazon a rating of “excellent”, which is more than 10% higher than number two on the list. With little to no physical customer service locations, it may seem arbitrary that an e-commerce store has the highest rating. Yet, while call centers can be a pain, one of Amazon’s core principles, “customer obsession rather than competitor focus,” proves to have curbed any inconvenience caused.

2. Chick-fil-A
The fried chicken chain comes in with a total “excellent” response count of 48.9%. Chick-fil-A takes a number of steps to make this possible. They have trained their staff to be more personal while investing $1 million per year in perfecting their customer experience. Even though the franchise is only open six days a week, the average store pulls in over $4 million in revenue a year. That’s a lot of chicken…

3. Apple
About 43% of cell phone users in the U.S. use an iPhone, which proves Apple to be a dominant force in the business world. Apple uses a closed system, meaning third parties can’t make changes to their devices, which has helped make Apple the powerhouse it is today. But what do users do when they need a new phone? They buy the next iPhone. What do they do if they need to repair it? Either take it to the store, or take it to a third party who will tell them Apple will not cover the phone under warranty if they do so. Apple almost requires customers to follow their channels for repairs and troubleshooting. Whether users see this as convenient or frustrating, Apple still received an “excellent” rating 45.4% of the time. This means that the stores themselves, the Genius Bars within, and the 28 call centers are doing all they can to make customers happy.

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Written by Front Street Intern Kyle Larsen.