Nationwide's Big Plans for Southwest Gainesville

Nationwide has big plans for its campus in southwest Gainesville, to the tune of 360 more jobs, and $7.4 million in construction and renovation over the next three years. These renovations will accommodate the employee expansion, as well as update preexisting employee accommodations. 

Nationwide’s capital improvement plans were included in the company’s application for Qualified Target Industry tax credits. The QTI is available for companies that create high-wage jobs in targeted high-value added industries. 

For Nationwide, the tax credit is based on the creation of 130 jobs over the next three years paying an average of $42,482, or 15% more than Alachua County’s average of $36,941. The proposed expansion will include a local match on the $650,000 tax credit, with the State paying $520,000 (80%), and Alachua County and the City of Gainesville splitting the remaining 20% at $65,000 each.

The expansion is set to include a gym and exercise workout facility, as well as an expansion of Nationwide’s member solutions department. By consolidating its customer service call centers into larger locations, Nationwide hopes to improve their service. The expansion will include jobs from customer service reps. to supervisors and managers.

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Written by Front Street Intern Rex Warner.