Better Business for East Gainesville

East Gainesville, in comparison to West Gainesville, exhibits a number of economic disadvantages. In the past, this region has struggled to attract sustainable businesses. Hoping to represent this district and give it an economic boost, City Commissioner Charles Goston has been actively trying to draw businesses to East Gainesville. Working closely with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, Goston believes that they can revitalize the area through financial incentives, proper data, analysis, and aggressive recruitment. 

Goston and the Gainesville area Chamber of Commerce hope to bring a number of new businesses to East Gainesville. These businesses include a potential grocery store, hotel, senior citizens facility, and medical center. In addition, both parties believe that restaurants could succeed economically in the area due to the high daily traffic volume and current lack of nearby competition. Last, but not least, the initiative also hopes to sustain Enterprise Zones within the area. Businesses that operate within these designated zones would benefit from tax breaks and breaks on license and permit fees. 

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Written by Front Street Intern Antonio Rodriguez