Dutton Shilling Campus Reflects on Year of Peaceful Paths Service

The Dutton Shilling Emergency Services of the Peaceful Paths Domestic Violence Network has created a community that assist those who have been mistreated from domestic violence.

The Shilling campus acts as a safe haven that can be used for emergency or extended stay for its patients. The Dutton Shilling Campus is more than a bed for a patient to escape. It is an atmosphere that provides care and necessities for those who need to get back on their own feet.

They celebrated their one-year anniversary this past June. Over the course of the year the Dutton Shilling Emergency Services have assisted 190 people — 102 adults and 88 children.

The campus is named after Jay Dutton and Paul Schilling who both had a passion to design a community that provided a social but structured environment for adults and children who have been affected by domestic abused.

The Gainesville campus has 72 beds which includes three four-bedroom buildings with other community areas that create diversity and comfort for guests. Both developers have donated $1 million into the community attempting to match the $3 million grant provided by the state. Dutton and Schilling are looking to expand by creating additional emergency beds in other areas.

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Written by Front Street Intern Joshua Odesky