More than just a burger

When it comes to burgers and shakes Burger 21 exceeds expectations. Surprisingly, this brand is only found in 12 states, with 22 active locations and 20 more on the way. Burger 21 provides affordable dining options that come with taste that makes every penny worth it. Chris Zalesiak understands this and is spearheading the development of Burger 21 in New Mexico.  It is important to recognize that Zalesiak is bringing affordable food options to a new state, in addition to the great experience that comes with the brand, but Zalesiak will also have to uphold one of Burger 21’s values.

Burger 21 has an initiative called “B Charitable”, where the company donates 10% of its restaurants’ sales to local schools and charities on the 21st of every month. Giving back to the community is important for every company and shows that the restaurant is more than just a brick-and-mortar food option, but an experience with values that seek to better the local community.  This is the culture that Zalesiak will become a part of, and hopefully several more entrepreneurs will be able to bring the same values and culture to their states, in addition to the great tasting burger and experience.

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Written by Front Street Intern Brett Murphy.