Barbecue and Brisket Mean Business

The food industry presents many substantial barriers to entry, which is why truly successful franchises appear in such small numbers. Disabella Partners LLC recently decided to represent Charlie Graingers, a Wilmington, North Carolina-based barbecue grill, in an ambitious plan to expand throughout the Southeast. Disabella Partners aims to help Charlie Graingers grow its business throughout North Carolina, and into South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and other neighboring states. Disabella feels extremely confident in its partner’s products and business model, and both parties hope to achieve a sustainable, long-term business presence within their targeted geographical areas. 

Disabella has committed to open 107 new locations for Charlie Graingers to operate. The restaurant, which recently redeveloped its brand to better represent its values of quality, tradition, and excitement, specializes in a variety of barbecue, including hot dogs and brisket. Although this venture presents substantial risks, it also may promise even greater rewards. Overall, the expansion of Charlie Graingers aims to establish a strong foothold in the Southeast fast-food market, and any interested area representatives, multi-unit operators, or individual store-owners should contact the restaurant for potential involvement. 

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Written by Front Street Intern Antonio Rodriguez.