The Future of Downtown Tampa

In recent years, Tampa has been one of the fastest growing cities in America. Somehow, with all this growth a key part of Tampa has not been along for the ride, until now. Jeff Vinik, Tampa Bay Lightning owner, has big plans for downtown Tampa and he has finally decided to share these plans with the public through his “vision plan”. This billion-dollar plan has many phases to it, with an expected completion date of a decade from now. Each part of downtown will be unique from the rest, creating an energetic and diverse atmosphere. 

Vinik’s “vision plan” will have five main components containing medical, office, residential, retail and entertainment, and hospitality buildings. Each component will have unique twists creating a new downtown atmosphere. The medical buildings will be associated with the University of South Florida’s new medical school. Four new office buildings will be developed. For the residential component, there will be both low-rise and high-rise developments. The Marriott Waterside will be improved along with the creation of a new hotel with meeting room space. Retail and entertainment will have several different locations throughout downtown with an energetic area and a more neighborhood-focused area. Vinik is confident money won’t be a problem he will run into during this development. If and when his “vision plan” is completed, downtown Tampa will be changed forever.

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Written by Front Street Intern Jackson Kilcoyne.