The Buzz in Gainesville Innovation


In Florida there is an ongoing movement in to spur innovation in the state. This has made a major impact in Gainesville in the form of Innovation Square.  Innovation Square is a 40-acre district located between the University of Florida campus and the city’s downtown area that provides the companies located in the area everything they need for growth. This past year in Gainesville the amount of UF student’s technologies that were brought to market created jobs for 10,600 people and added $2.3 billion to the state economy.  

Gainesville is an attractive environment to entrepreneurs because of the University of Florida, diversity of the town, and the community leaders. The way that the businesses are specifically benefiting from being part of innovative communities. They are around peers in varying stages of the startup process that they themselves went through or will go through. To create a community striving for innovation takes more than developing a parcel of land and naming it an innovation hub, there are a lot of moving parts that not every area can sustain but it is alive and thriving in Gainesville.

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Written by Front Street Intern Alexander Nunner.