Publix Aims to Win over Millennials with Aprons

Millennials are changing the face of grocery shopping with their demand for high quality food. This young age group prefers natural and organic ingredients to canned or processed foods. With more nutrition education than the previous generations, millennials that cook with natural ingredients end up spending more on food than their counterparts that eat takeout. In order to keep up with the healthy food demand, Publix implemented Aprons about a decade ago, and still appeals to health conscious customers.

Aprons promotes simple, 30 minute recipes in Publix stores with samples and recipe cards. By providing both entertaining and engaging cooking, Publix lures in young chefs in need of new, simple recipes. Out of Publix’s 1,100 stores, 85% contain an Aprons kiosk, where shoppers can find healthy ingredients to make healthy meals. Although Publix is making an effort to promote healthy eating with Aprons, it is hard to compete with other stores in the industry that use disparate tactics to attract millennials.

Publix competes with grocery stores like Walmart, which use low prices to lure in shoppers. But other competitors such as Whole Foods Market are completely changing the millennial market for grocery shopping. “Later this year, Whole Foods will launch a lower-price, millennial-focused chain, 365 By Whole Foods.” With competition high in the healthy eating market, millennials, along with other health conscious consumers, will have more opportunity to obtain healthier food at a decent price.

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