Millennials want work-life balance

Many millennials in the workforce are demanding more than just a paycheck, and companies are starting to adapt to the job market. As millennials enter the labor force, employers are beginning to offer more of a work-life balance, with perks such as working from home, free meals, and leisure time. In 10 years, 75% of American workers will be millennials, which will coerce companies to change the structure of their available jobs to accommodate the market demand for a more relaxed workplace.

Mindspark in Westchester County, N.Y has already started to accommodate the market demand for a work-life balance. Julie-Anne Selvey, head of special projects, expressed that keeping employees happy is a benefit to the company. At Mindspark, attire is casual and free breakfast and snacks are available for all employees. 

Another company, Lockard & Wechsler Direct (LWD), has lots of open space in their office for recreational and relaxing activities. Employees at LWD are able to play pool and ping pong during their workday, and on Wednesdays, a masseuse gives free massages to employees. CEO Dick Wechsler believes that a comfortable work environment keeps people at his company, and uses policies as an incentive. At LWD, employees can work from home as needed and do not have to use personal time for doctor appointments. Additionally, new mothers are able to take three months maternity leave with six weeks paid and can work a few days from home until the child is 5. Many millennials do not mind the “overlap between work and their personal life”, so the job market is headed in a direction where work will be able to become a second family for many American workers.

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