Nick Banks Guest Lectures at UF

Last week, Front Street director, Nick Banks, was asked to guest lecture on the topic of Networking at the University of Florida. He blogged about his experience below;

As an advisory board member for the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Florida, I have the opportunity a couple times a year to do a guest lecture.  It’s always exciting for me because it gives me an opportunity to meet with the students and learn more about their career goals and experiences in the commercial real estate industry so far.  

Last week I was invited to speak about networking.  As I gave this subject some thought, I realized that networking is one of those things like cold calling that intimidates people and sometimes takes them outside their comfort zone.  I decided to rename the lecture “Building Relationships That Last”.  As I think back on my career, building and maintaining relationships has been the single most important thing I have done.  Without these relationships, nothing I have ever accomplished would have been possible.  Once we shifted the discussion to relationships and moved away from pure networking the students were much less intimidated about the process of going out and meeting new people.  I hope they came away with a better understanding of how the relationships they build today will become the foundation for their careers in this industry going forward.