Every One of You is Special(ized)

Years ago as a child while I watched Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, he told me I was special. He told millions of other children the same thing. And the reason we were all special? “Just by being you”, was his reason. This message was meant to inspire confidence, and to encourage children that they didn't have to DO anything special just to BE special. And he was right. People are special because they are people. And everyone is special to someone. 

However, (of course, I couldn't keep the “warm fuzzy” going forever) when it comes to real estate, “just being you” isn't going to get you very far. If there is nothing special about your business, your approach or the way you achieve success, what is going to drive customers and clients to your door? The answer: very little. Perhaps a Google search turned up your company’s webpage and provided a phone number that was dialed. Perhaps the CEO’s kids are in a soccer league with people who happened to become clients. But these pathways are not the mark of a thriving, growing, successful company. Those labels can be achieved only through specialization. 

As is true in all business, a company must be specialized to differentiate itself from its competitors. The company must possess a core competency – something the company does better than anyone else. This is what drives competition and keeps the market machine churning. If every company tried to do everything, no company would be ANY good at ANY thing. Specialization allows a company to capitalize on what it does well and leave the rest to other companies to do well. 

In real estate, that specialization takes on many forms. It could be a particular geographic area, a specific property type, or even a certain type of buyer. But whatever the definition, the company or the individual broker must have something that they can point to and say, “THIS IS WHAT WE DO BEST!” Doing so will communicate a clear message to the client that they should hire you, because the thing they want done is the very thing you do best. 

It isn't enough to simply decide what it is your company does (or wants to do) best. That is a very important and necessary step, but it is only the first step. Defining and honing that specialization to make your company even better at what it does best, is an ongoing and never-ending process. Recently, our company has spent a considerable amount of time defining who we are, what we do, and how we can better focus on our areas of specialization. We want our company to be driven by the things we do well, the things we do best, and by doing all of those things better every day. 

So, ask yourself: “Am I (we) special just by being me (us)? What is my (our) area of specialization? What do I (we) do best?” Spend a lot of time on the answers. I sure “you’ll have things you want to talk about. I…will…too.”

Have a good day, neighbor! 


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Virginia MacKoul

Virginia is a graduate from the University of Florida's College of Design Construction and Planning with a degree in Sustainability and the Built Environment, and a minor in Urban Regional Planning. Virginia joined the Front Street team in 2011, as an intern. Upon graduation, Virginia joined the Front Street team full-time as the Director of Client Services. Ms. MacKoul’s addition furthers Front Street’s continued growth and expansion within Gainesville and other North Central Florida markets. She was promoted to Director of Marketing in 2014 and now manages the firm’s team of interns and oversees all marketing and branding activity. Virginia was born in Boston and moved to Lee County, Florida in 1997. Virginia graduated her high school's International Baccalaureate program and started at the University of Florida with a focus on Architecture. Virginia shares Front Street's passion of giving back to the community and those in need. Virginia's hobbies include photography, cooking, football, movies, music, and spending time with her dog, Brinkley.

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