Debbie Mason: A campaign's powerful message

Photo: United Way of North Central Florida

Photo: United Way of North Central Florida

We're proud to work with United Way of North Central Florida through our Invested program and our team's personal involvement with the organization. Recently, Front Street Managing Director Nick Banks was appointed Chair of the Development Committee of the United Way, and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them. In this editorial, United Way of North Central Florida President and CEO Debbie Mason does a great job explaining what makes United Way such an amazing organization.

Editorial by Debbie Mason | The Gainesville Sun

The theme of this year's United Way campaign, the Power of One, focuses on the difference one human being can make in our community.

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.” With this quote in mind, the Power of One campaign was born.

As a community, we work as one with the power of partnerships. United Way is blessed to have more than 11,000 donors who contribute to the areas of education, income and health each year. Yet, with an estimated 148,000 people in Alachua County's workforce, imagine what we could do to prepare children to enter school ready to learn through Success By Six, feed homebound seniors, provide safe and educational after-school enrichment, and more. Add the more than 45,000 people working in the five neighboring counties and you can visualize the potential of the Power of One.

Even if one person gives $2 to $5 a week, that's $104 to $260 a year. Magnify this number by how many people have the ability to give and what you get is a staggering amount of money that could make a considerable difference in assisting people living in poverty in our community.

There are three things that make United Way the best investment people can make. United Way is efficient. With an overhead that is far lower than the 25 percent to 33 percent allowed by Charity Navigator and GuideStar, United Way is able to put funds back where they came from ­— the local community. United Way is effective in the use of grants. After bringing in more than $800,000 in grants from outside our community over the past two years, United Way has been able to broaden services provided to at-risk students in grades K-12.

Finally, United Way is expansive. With every $1 that is donated, United Way creates $3 of total impact by mobilizing its vital resources. By simply opening your doors to United Way, the gift of hope is possible for everyone in our community. Every dollar counts.

If you are a small business owner, retiree or individual contributor, United Way makes it simple to donate. Also, United Way works with companies of all sizes to run a workplace campaign.

Change starts with you. Be the one who makes a difference in your community today by helping others in need.

Please call 352-331-2800 or visit for more information.

Debbie Mason is president and CEO of the United Way of North Central Florida


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