Rebecca Ryan to Highlight iG’s Regional Economic Forum

Source: Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce 

Source: Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce 

The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s ‘What’s Next?’ series continues as iG will unveil its next phase of iG to continue to adapt to the needs of the community and highlight economic growth opportunities for Gainesville, Alachua County, and the surrounding region. Already regarded as a national model by other similar communities throughout the U.S., iG is excited to announce Rebecca Ryan, a renowned economist and who many have dubbed as ‘a voice for the next generation,’ will be the featured keynote speaker at the iG Regional Economic Forum.

Ryan is an energetic, nationally-sought after speaker and is the author of Life First, Work Second, and ReGENERATION and will soon be releasing her newest book, What’s Next?  As the founder of Next Generation Consulting, Ryan helps her clients design strategies focused on retaining their young, future leaders and has helped cities including Nasvhille, Milwaukee and Columbus (OH) design award-winning workforce strategies focused onyoung professional recruitment and retention.

The iG Regional Economic Forum will take place on Thursday, June 27 from 8am – 11am (approx.) at the Santa Fe College Fine Arts Hall at 3000 NW 83rd St., Gainesville, FL 32606. The event is open to the public and tickets are available at

“It’s no secret that one of the keys of economic success in our region is the retention of our talent being developed here by our exceptional educational institutions,” said Tim Giuliani, President & CEO of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce & Council for Economic Outreach. “With Rebecca Ryan’s unique style of speaking and engaging her audience, she will provide inspriation for immediate collaboration in our community to retain our talent and grow our economy, one of the main focuses of our next phase of iG.”

iG was designed to be a long-term, multi-year plan that will adapt to changing trends and lead the effort for economic progress. Since 2010, iG has brought community decision makers and business leaders together to create collaboration to grow our region’s economy. Early returns of this collaboration have come in the growth of home-grown companies like Nanotherapeutics and Prioria Robotics and the attraction of international tech businesses like Mindtree, SumTotal Systems and Mobiquity, creating thousands of jobs in our community. To highlight economic growth opportunities for Gainesville, Alachua County, and the surrounding region, iG has enlisted the expertise of Avalanche Consulting, national experts in economic and workforce development. The firm works with progressive communities to transform their economies and boasts over 40 years as economic development strategists.

At the iG Regional Economic Forum, Amy Holloway, President of Avalanche Consulting, will share her insights about the state of our region’s economy and unique economic development assets. Holloway and a team of national strategists have spent the past six months conducting in-depth research on our economy and have interviewed more than 100 individuals to gain an understanding of the region’s competitive position.

“The success of iG to this point has been because of our hundreds of volunteers for the past 4 years – people who have taken an active role in the future of our regional community and provided their expertise to ensure a successful growth of our local economy,” said Giuliani. “We encourage all business leaders, entrepreneurs and the general public to participate and be part of the process.”


“We are iG, and we will continue to build Gainesville, Alachua County and our entire region sustainably to be a place where our families can call home, up and coming talent and entrepreneurs will seize opportunities, and everyone can enjoy a high quality of life,” said Giuliani.

via Gainesville Chamber of Commerce  


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